Introduction to Journey as Janelle

Today I realized how cathartic writing is in my life (thank last semester’s Creative Non-Fiction professor.) So I thought – yeah, lets give blogging a try. Even if the only person who ever reads these posts is me I think the relief will make the work worth it.

In hopes of fully inundating myself into the writer’s lifestyle I have created a schedule for daily, yes – DAILY blogging. Surely I will not entirely keep up with this as life events take over but a goal is a goal.

So here it is:

Monday: Letter to Younger Self
Tuesday: Tips, Tricks, or Random
Wednesday: Weight Loss Wednesdays with Weekly Goal
Thursday: “Brain Dump”
Friday: “Fashion Friday”
Saturday: Topic from “Blog Ideas” List
Sunday: Life Check-in with Weekly Favorites

For the sake of brevity, I’ll refrain from explaining each of those and allow you to figure them out as you read 🙂 While I’m sure these will change and shift around it is enough organization to inspire and motivate me.

Journey as Janelle

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