“Me” Monday: What I’m watching on Netflix

Like so many 20-something Americans, I enjoy wasting an enormous amount of time binge watching season after season of television shows on Netflix. Typically, I do the real binging on shows that have already ended (sometimes YEARS ago) so that I’m never left waiting for another episode.


To start with the best: Gilmore Girls

This October Netflix made its best decision yet, putting up the best show ever. Hands down, my favorite show to watch. I have most definitely seen each episode at least three times and still cannot get enough. I’m currently on the last season and will likely just start right back up.



For a good laugh: The Office

I am so late on this boat, I don’t know how I discounted this show for as long as I did. It quickly became my favorite this winter break – the show I binge on the most. Very few shows make me actually laugh out loud, and it has even had me sobbing. I am milking these last two seasons I haven’t watched as much as possible.



For tears: Friday Night Lights

Again, quite late watching this one considering the last episode aired in 2011. It makes me feel all the feels, reminiscing on all the emotions of high school. You’ll learn quickly that I appreciate a good cry more than most people. Side benefit of watching FNL: my ability to watch, enjoy, and understand football has increased exponentially.



The rest of my “recently watched” list includes:

1. Bob’s Burgers
2. One Tree Hill
3. Law & Order, SVU
4. Lost
5. Undercover Boss

Journey as Janelle 

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