Packing Tip: for the Perpetual Over-Packer

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No denying it, I am queen of packing way more than I need. When I travel, I fly (HATE car rides) so I am subjected to the ever upsetting 50 pound weight limit. It is humiliating panicking at check-in when your bag is overweight and you have two choices – open it up and redistribute between carry on and checked bag or pay an ungodly fee. I have gone through that nearly every time I travel!

I wanted to be a big girl this trip where I would be flying into Minneapolis and staying for 7 weeks. I decided to only bring one suitcase so I could save money. This meant I have to keep almost two months worth of everything in two bags (counting carry-on). Challenge accepted!

The main tip I have is to make lists! I made a list for every single little thing I packed – if it was not on the list, it wasn’t coming with. This was genius on my part because it allowed me to ensure I had everything I needed without all the random things that usually get thrown in.

Here was the hardest part, LIMITING MY SHOES! I brought 2 pairs of “fashion boots” with me, 1 pair of snowboots, 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 pair of black go-with-anything heels. I had to buy a pair of flats while I was here for in the office when I want to change out of my snow boots. Good lesson that I don’t need 80 pairs of shoes in my collection…

Limiting the rest of my clothes was easier, I wish I had more variety because I hate wearing the same things so often but that is also something i should also just get over. Essentially, I limited my clothing (other than 2 pairs of jeans) to what could fit, tightly rolled, in my carry on.

That worked…. they don’t weigh the carry on. I did out of curiosity, it weighted 53¬†pounds (p.s. it is a duffel so OUCH). But my suitcase was only 40 pounds so all in all the lists worked!¬†

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