A concept I had never considered but very well put…. Last line makes this blog.

Style Me Manly

Yes, I just made up a word.

What is a fauxmosexual you ask? Well, I sounding like the word homosexual, a fauxmo is a straight man using tactics to “bait” or “lure” a gay audience through means of social media, gay inspired antics, semi nude posing for the gays etc.

I bet you all immediately thought of James Franco… well yes, he’s one of the culprits.  Now there are so many more.  Nick Jonas, Harry Styles, Tyler Upton and Dan Osborne to name but a few.


Now here’s the thing… I’m not making this a political statement, I’m not saying what they are doing is wrong, now am I judging their actions.  What I am doing, is giving my opinion about why I find this distasteful and often times, downright tacky.

It’s the simple fact that this is done for media and self serving publicity.  Plain and simple. These are…

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