Life Update

The world’s longest college winter break comes to a close next week. It’s a bittersweet time for me because when I get back to New York I have to finish school. I’ve dreaded my last semester like the plague. I like college and I like the safety net it entails. I’m terrified about having to start life as a grown up and finding a job and stress, stress, stress.

 But also because I like my internship and I don’t hate Minneapolis so it’s a bummer to be leaving. The people I work with are great and judge as you will but it is pretty satisfying having a real income.

 I’m already over-scheduled this semester between class, an independent study, being VP of my organization, my “senior design project,” two part time jobs, and a TA/Proctor position. What’s sad is I guarantee I forgot something on that list. Maybe one day I’ll include a picture of my google calendar so we can all have a good cry.

 I worry about that because it would be great to actually party and act my age this semester. I’m such a grandma going to bed by 11 pm 99% of the time. I want some of those night’s I’ll never remember!

 This week’s Rose:
I got my little brother a coding gig at my internship so he can having something valuable on his resume.

This week’s Thorn:
I was grumpy for 2 days in a row and I have no idea why.

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

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