Plus-Size Swimwear

A few months back I booked a trip to Cancun, Mexico for spring break. It’s getting pretty close and I got my passport today so I thought it was a good time to go hunting for swimwear. A couple of these are almost certainly making it in my suitcase for the trip – others are more conservative than I would necessarily want. I figure the one good thing I have going for me in a swimsuit is boobs so I should really embrace that.

swimwear blog 4

This chevron-print beauty is only $54.60
I love the mesh panels and the price is great! Not sure about the tan lines this one would give, though. Definitely a more sporty pick which I do need. Lets be honest busty girls, sometimes those lovely accessories we have like to break out of their cage.

Swimwear blog 2

A sort of retro look for $89.99
This one is still cute and sexy but provides more coverage and camouflage for the belly. I like it but I don’t $90 like it. I still think it would be a great buy but out of my budget.

swimwear blog 6

Yes, that is GabiFresh in her own design for $68.60
This one is just precious and I’m almost positive I am going to buy it. Her whole line is amazing and you can find it here.
P.S. The website that is on, Swimsuits for All, has TONS of great plus-size suits.

Swimear blog 5

Another GabiFresh suit for $68.60
I think this one is just beautiful and perfect for Mexico but I’m hesitant to buy something with no tummy camouflage.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.12.38 AM

I’m done gushing over her line after this one for $68.60
This one is real sexy and really really daring. We cannot deny that she looks fabulous, though. And my body type is pretty similar so I could potentially look like half as fab, right?! Again with the weird tan lines but whatever I think this look makes it worth it. Besides, who is seeing those tan lines when I get back to New York anyway.

Send me your picks! I’d love to see what you suggest – maybe I’ll end up buying them 🙂

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

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