Visiting Philadelphia… Airport terminal F

I’m currently one hour through a three-hour long layover to get back to Long Island, back to school. My love for MacArthur airport has left me with a permissible attitude towards layovers. While they may be a hassle, it is worth it to me since it means I land 20 minutes from my dorm room. Yeah, my school is not in any way shape or form New York City, I’m not that cool.

Anyway, I got some news while sitting in the terminal F food court eating salt and vinegar FRIES (Yeah, they were great) and watching shipping wars on my phone. The first two days of school are cancelled due to an impending nor’easter/blizzard. So can we just say…ugh! I mean I know I’m supposed to be super excited about it but in all likelihood I’m going to spend the next two days in my dorm room when I could have been soaking up more experience in Minnesota.

Also how freaking annoying is it that I leave MINNESOTA to escape semi more tolerable winters and find a blizzard! C’mon world, can’t this girl catch a break? I thought I could give the fleece lined leggings a break at least for a couple of days!

Hopefully, enough people will have come back to campus already that there are the obligatory snow day parties starting at about 2 pm. As it is my last semester of college I believe it is my job to insure I take advantage of these opportunities…. or there’s plan B.

I intend on doing multiple posts about this so I won’t spoil too much but I am in a very “purgy” type of mood. I’ve been dreaming of getting back to all my stuff so I can get rid of a bunch of it! I just want to be less cluttered and stop keeping clothes that I haven’t fit in for years. So part of me is fairly excited to have two days of no responsibility so I can jump right into organization mode. The overall goal is to go in each area (a drawer, a shelf, etc) and get rid of half of what is there. Obviously there will be times I won’t actually do that but when I think about it there are definitely a lot of places that I could!

Time to go back to shipping wars, I think. Thanks A&E for inundating Netflix with all of your shows that I love to hate.

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

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