Eiffel Tower just went to 100 Percent Wind Power!

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The Eiffel Toweris without a question an iconic emblem of love, romance and Paris’ most contested monumental structure.

Bottom line: Everyone who’s anyone knows what it is!!

Now the best part is you can also add that it’s a renewable energy site!!!


Yes! You’ve heard it here!

According to my friends over at Intelligent Building Today, US-based onsite renewables specialist Urban Green Energy (UGE) announced this week that it has fitted two vertical axis wind turbinesat the site, capable of delivering 10,000kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the power used by the commercial areas on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor.

Source: Intelligent Building Today
Plus for the entire story..

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Guest Post: The Benefits of Urban Living: How Cities are the Key to Reducing Car Use

Great introduction to the environmental benefits of well-planned cities!

SF Transit News

The common notion that people use to justify living in the suburbs is that you “get more for your money.” When looking at easily quantifiable things such as square footage, parking, a garage, and a backyard this may be true. What you pay for in the city is not any of these material things, what you pay for is the vibrancy, energy, and activity. The sidewalks, outdoor dining, and cafes are your living room. The parks, parklets, and green-spaces are your backyard. Living in a urban walkable neighborhood makes life so much more enjoyable. The quick access to high quality public transit, being able to go to the grocery store or cafe without the need for a car. In my mind, this is “getting more for your money.” Not only does this energy and urban vibrancy make life more enjoyable, it also makes your life more sustainable. Not having to…

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Guest Post: I Mean GREEN Vegetables

I was a vegetarian for five years before college. Perhaps this can give me, and my lovely readers, some inspiration for a meatless life!

i mean green

When I first started my graduate program, our first class consisted of us calculating our carbon footprint with some fancy online number spitter-outer. It asked questions regarding our means of transportation, water usage, garbage production, and diets. We were able to play around with our numbers as well, seeing what lead to the biggest improvements/ most negative impact on our footprint size. For each of us, pretty much all plausible improvements created an almost negligible effect on carbon footprint size. The only one that created a significant positive impact was the discontinuation of meat consumption. There were no vegetarians in my class, and for all of us, eating meat was proving to be our terrible contribution towards the fight against climate change. None of us took this too seriously, as it was just an online calculator with cheesy animations, and we moved on with the class.

Fast forward a year and…

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2015 Academy Awards Fashion

Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung: That hair! I love that the top portion of the dress is “nude” except for my ever favorite fashion choice, sparkles.

Anna KendrickAnna Kendrick: Juxtapose this with her look from the Grammy’s. The girl can rock a suit and look flawless in a pink gown!

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie: The sexy deep V with elegant, sheet sleeves. Ugh, love!

Laura Dern

Laura Dern: A suit of armor has never been so stunning.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike: Can we even take this one?! I need this dress. NEED. The styling of the waist makes her look so tiny!

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen: It is Chrissy Teigen, enough said.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez: Again, it is J Lo, enough said.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone: My winner for the night. Old Hollywood glam with a whole lot of sass!  Our hands go up – and they stay there. (If you just got that we can be friends)

Until Next Time,
Journey as Janelle

Changes to Journey as Janelle

Few of you probably know this but my major in college is Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning. That is a part of the Sustainability Studies program… now this either means nothing to you at all or you’ve just pictured me a tree hugging granola. I assure you, I am FAR from a hippy.

By definition (that I have been reciting on demand for the last three years) Sustainability is using resources we have today in a way that will allow them to be used by future generations. By “environment” you can put together that in the most in-a-nutshell description possible, I study how to use our planet’s natural resources in a way that preserves then and, in turn, the planet itself.

EDP (my major shortened) focuses more specifically with issues that arise with urban planning and other political and policy processes with increasing environmental consciousness. The beauty and the horror of what I study is that I could really go work anywhere… but that also means that there is not a clear career path lined up for me.

Regardless of that stress, I love what I study and I am thrilled to see where it takes me. One of the most exciting things about my day-to-day is that I am learning about concepts that are just being discovered and technologies that are still being created. I get to learn about things that most of the population has never heard of. Which brings me to the “changes” I alluded to.

When I tell me in my real life about blogging they always ask what it is about. Based on what I have posted up to this point, I suppose I fit in the “lifestyle blog” category but I don’t know that I am happy with that. Yes I like posting about fashion and makeup and what music has me screaming the lyrics but what good does that do? If I am putting out this content for the world to see I believe I should be sharing something that not everyone can have (an opinion). My opinion is great and all but I think you all should have a chance to learn about sustainability and I have a soapbox here to share it with you.

I will still post about more frivolous things because it is fun and I like it but I am also going to make an effort to put out more researched, informative content. Those will take longer and will probably result in significantly fewer posts.

I hope I can keep my current readers and reach a whole lot more!

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

2015 Grammy’s Fashion

Fair warning y’all, I really liked what I saw this year! Here are some of my favorite looks, in no particular order.


Beyoncé: as if any of us are surprised. *Bows Down*


Zendaya: I may have had to google her but we can’t deny that dress is fierce.

Jessie J

Jessie J: I love how sexy this is while staying relatively classy.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani: This is such a cool look – I love when women wear something other than dresses.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande: I just think this dress is so interesting! I could live without the choker and her damn ponytail though.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko: Again, a visually interesting dress. Perhaps a little formal for the Grammy’s but I dig it.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry: One word: sparkly. And I’m in love with this hair.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick: I think will just always love a woman in a tailored, chest baring suit. The fact that I know how sassy she is (thanks, twitter) doesn’t hurt either!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Am I crazy or is this super sexy for her?! The ombre dress and brightly colored heels had me instantly.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus: Okay, this one is actually last for a reason. Because… holy crap! She actually looks classy and beautiful. A natural makeup look and “normal” hair! Are we seeing a new Miley?!

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


The lovely Jess from Anderson Ever After was so sweet and nominated me for this award! As you know, I have only been blogging for about a month so I was pretty thrilled to have this happen already! Honestly, is there anything more exciting than being recognized for you efforts? Major confidence boost for me – Thank you so much, Jess! Check out her blog to see awesome recipes, her journey with barre fitness classes (the woman is a badass btw), and some lovely fashion posts.

The rules:

  • Thank your nominator
  • Answer 7 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 7 bloggers

on to the questions:

1} In one word, how would you like your readers to describe your blog?


2} What/who inspires most of your blog posts?

I am about to be a major cheeseball but… myself! The main reason I started blogging is to explore a different side of myself and grow as a person. Along the way, different people have inspired me of course but the overwhelming motivation is personal growth. I always felt like college was that time that I was supposed to “find myself” so I’m in a rush to do that before May 25th.

3} What do you aspire to accomplish this year? 

Plain and simple – I want an effin job! I would absolutely love to not be drowning in my student loans a year from now.

4} What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

I think the most courageous thing I have ever done is going to Minneapolis last summer. It was my first time even being in the state of Minnesota and I was moving to the city, alone. I literally did not know a soul aside from the man I had talked to on the phone who became my boss. It was an awesome three months – I definitely felt like a bonified grown up.

5} If you could be a superhero, what would your super power be? 

100% teleporting. I HATE wasting time traveling place to place, especially when it involves airplanes and long car rides. But even being able to teleport to work would be awesome!

6} What is your favorite book? why?

Here is where you learn that I lack in culture and intelligence – I really do not read. I am making an attempt to get better but I am cheating a little even with that. I learned the first world wonder of audiobooks recently so lately all the time I would normally spend listening to music has been filled with Gone Girl. I think Yes Please by Amy Poehler will be next.

7} who is your female role model?

Beyonce – enough said.

My Nominations:

Simone from whatshorthought
Kaily from somedaysunny
Katie from Plus+ Beauty
Stacie from Confessions of a Wannabe Skinny
Ari from Flashes of Clarity
Raven from Fly like a Raven


Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

The Power of Compliments

Lately, I have found myself clicking on articles with suggestions about little things you can do to have a happier life. I am focused on doing everything I can to be a better person. If I am being honest, I have not always been the most considerate or kind person. I think that I have always cared about people in a deep, meaningful way but I have also struggled with being guarded in all the wrong ways. Some of the less than fuzzy parts of my upbringing had subconsciously taught me that showing my emotions – good or bad – means that I am weak.
But the truth is I have some really amazing people in my life who deserve to be recognized. I have tried to focus on the positive aspects of each day and to show my gratitude for the small things. While I am challenging myself to grow as a person, I extend that to you!
This week I will focus on giving someone a genuine, substantial compliment every single day. A compliment beyond “I like your dress” – which by the way why is that a compliment at all? “I like (insert something about their appearance)” deems a thank you? Okay, mini-rant over.
I am hoping to extend this goal past my close friend group. Yes, they deserve it too but I want to impact someone’s day who does not already know I love them. So give it a try, readers! Hell, give me one! 🙂
Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

The Rings On My Fingers

A beautiful story about accepting oneself and loving it.



“Those sure are a lot of rings,” the Subway employee said warmly, gesturing to the ring-covered fingers frantically rooting through my wallet in search of my debit card. I smiled back at him. “Any reason why you wear so many?” I extended my fingers and looked down at my hands for a moment before responding with a laugh, “It’s a long story.”

Prior to this interaction, I had just missed my train, which is way more typical than it should be. I busted out of the cold and into this little restaurant like a crazy person. “Please tell me you have coffee,” were the words I filled the empty room with, still out of breath, laughing and carrying my bags. After talking with the guy behind the counter for a good while, I ran on to the late train, where I made four new friends, including the Amtrak employee with…

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January Favorites

Being a fairly broke college student, there is no way I could write monthly posts about just beauty favorites. I very rarely try new products – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! A lot of what I use, I have been using for years. But personally I enjoy monthly favorites that include other aspects of life so I figured I should give it a try…

Beauty Favorites:


Jordana Fabuliner
This is one of those been using it for years type of products but it deserves a shoutout! They last FOREVER and only cost $2-3! This month I did a simple eye shadow look with winged liner pretty often. When people ask me how I get my liner so straight and even I always tell them to try this eyeliner! I mean, who can’t draw a decent line when they are essentially using a marker.

l-oreal-nature-s-therapy-mega-curves-curl-defining-gel-5-oz-3L’Oreal Mega Curves Curl Defining Gel
This is actually one of the rare times I bought a new product. My hair has a decent wave to it naturally but since my it is shorter now I needed something to boost my curls on the days I don’t want to heat style it. I was at Sally Beauty Supply to pick up nail glue and decided to try this… and yes I only chose it because it was on sale. But it does work pretty well. It has a very soft hold which I like but I may pick up a mouse or gel with a stronger hold to see how I like that.

Television Favorites: 


The Office
This winter break I apparently made it my life’s ambition to demolish this 9-season series because I am pretty sure I watched the entire thing in seven weeks! Which means two things: 1. The Midwest gets real lonely in the winter and 2. The Office is an exceptional television show. If you’ve watched you recognize the picture… from the saddest/happiest/most emotional scene from the whole show!

tim riggins

Friday Night Lights
Now that I’ve finished watching the love affair of Pam and Jim play out I have put my attention to Dillon, Texas Football.
I just have two words: Tim Riggins

Music Favorites:


Nick Jonas – Jealous 

Alright can we just have a second to pick our jaws off the ground? As embarrassed as I am to admit this… holy cow is this freakin’ Jonas brother hot now! And this song is just an allover good time. It’s his right to be hellish, lady – he can’t help how sexy beautiful you are!


Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

How am I just now discovering this soulful man?! I actually seriously struggled to choose a song as my favorite. He is just the perfect company for those “up in your emotions” times.

What I’m Reading:


I should say listening because I have been enjoying Gone Girl as an audiobook. I have not seen the movie yet and have about ten more hours until I learn how it ends. This book is epic – even if you have already seen the movie I would suggest it. GREAT choice for my first audible purchase.

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle