January Favorites

Being a fairly broke college student, there is no way I could write monthly posts about just beauty favorites. I very rarely try new products – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! A lot of what I use, I have been using for years. But personally I enjoy monthly favorites that include other aspects of life so I figured I should give it a try…

Beauty Favorites:


Jordana Fabuliner
This is one of those been using it for years type of products but it deserves a shoutout! They last FOREVER and only cost $2-3! This month I did a simple eye shadow look with winged liner pretty often. When people ask me how I get my liner so straight and even I always tell them to try this eyeliner! I mean, who can’t draw a decent line when they are essentially using a marker.

l-oreal-nature-s-therapy-mega-curves-curl-defining-gel-5-oz-3L’Oreal Mega Curves Curl Defining Gel
This is actually one of the rare times I bought a new product. My hair has a decent wave to it naturally but since my it is shorter now I needed something to boost my curls on the days I don’t want to heat style it. I was at Sally Beauty Supply to pick up nail glue and decided to try this… and yes I only chose it because it was on sale. But it does work pretty well. It has a very soft hold which I like but I may pick up a mouse or gel with a stronger hold to see how I like that.

Television Favorites: 


The Office
This winter break I apparently made it my life’s ambition to demolish this 9-season series because I am pretty sure I watched the entire thing in seven weeks! Which means two things: 1. The Midwest gets real lonely in the winter and 2. The Office is an exceptional television show. If you’ve watched you recognize the picture… from the saddest/happiest/most emotional scene from the whole show!

tim riggins

Friday Night Lights
Now that I’ve finished watching the love affair of Pam and Jim play out I have put my attention to Dillon, Texas Football.
I just have two words: Tim Riggins

Music Favorites:


Nick Jonas – Jealous 

Alright can we just have a second to pick our jaws off the ground? As embarrassed as I am to admit this… holy cow is this freakin’ Jonas brother hot now! And this song is just an allover good time. It’s his right to be hellish, lady – he can’t help how sexy beautiful you are!


Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

How am I just now discovering this soulful man?! I actually seriously struggled to choose a song as my favorite. He is just the perfect company for those “up in your emotions” times.

What I’m Reading:


I should say listening because I have been enjoying Gone Girl as an audiobook. I have not seen the movie yet and have about ten more hours until I learn how it ends. This book is epic – even if you have already seen the movie I would suggest it. GREAT choice for my first audible purchase.

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

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