Changes to Journey as Janelle

Few of you probably know this but my major in college is Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning. That is a part of the Sustainability Studies program… now this either means nothing to you at all or you’ve just pictured me a tree hugging granola. I assure you, I am FAR from a hippy.

By definition (that I have been reciting on demand for the last three years) Sustainability is using resources we have today in a way that will allow them to be used by future generations. By “environment” you can put together that in the most in-a-nutshell description possible, I study how to use our planet’s natural resources in a way that preserves then and, in turn, the planet itself.

EDP (my major shortened) focuses more specifically with issues that arise with urban planning and other political and policy processes with increasing environmental consciousness. The beauty and the horror of what I study is that I could really go work anywhere… but that also means that there is not a clear career path lined up for me.

Regardless of that stress, I love what I study and I am thrilled to see where it takes me. One of the most exciting things about my day-to-day is that I am learning about concepts that are just being discovered and technologies that are still being created. I get to learn about things that most of the population has never heard of. Which brings me to the “changes” I alluded to.

When I tell me in my real life about blogging they always ask what it is about. Based on what I have posted up to this point, I suppose I fit in the “lifestyle blog” category but I don’t know that I am happy with that. Yes I like posting about fashion and makeup and what music has me screaming the lyrics but what good does that do? If I am putting out this content for the world to see I believe I should be sharing something that not everyone can have (an opinion). My opinion is great and all but I think you all should have a chance to learn about sustainability and I have a soapbox here to share it with you.

I will still post about more frivolous things because it is fun and I like it but I am also going to make an effort to put out more researched, informative content. Those will take longer and will probably result in significantly fewer posts.

I hope I can keep my current readers and reach a whole lot more!

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

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