Guest Post: I Mean GREEN Vegetables

I was a vegetarian for five years before college. Perhaps this can give me, and my lovely readers, some inspiration for a meatless life!

i mean green

When I first started my graduate program, our first class consisted of us calculating our carbon footprint with some fancy online number spitter-outer. It asked questions regarding our means of transportation, water usage, garbage production, and diets. We were able to play around with our numbers as well, seeing what lead to the biggest improvements/ most negative impact on our footprint size. For each of us, pretty much all plausible improvements created an almost negligible effect on carbon footprint size. The only one that created a significant positive impact was the discontinuation of meat consumption. There were no vegetarians in my class, and for all of us, eating meat was proving to be our terrible contribution towards the fight against climate change. None of us took this too seriously, as it was just an online calculator with cheesy animations, and we moved on with the class.

Fast forward a year and…

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