Guest Post: The Benefits of Urban Living: How Cities are the Key to Reducing Car Use

Great introduction to the environmental benefits of well-planned cities!

SF Transit News

The common notion that people use to justify living in the suburbs is that you “get more for your money.” When looking at easily quantifiable things such as square footage, parking, a garage, and a backyard this may be true. What you pay for in the city is not any of these material things, what you pay for is the vibrancy, energy, and activity. The sidewalks, outdoor dining, and cafes are your living room. The parks, parklets, and green-spaces are your backyard. Living in a urban walkable neighborhood makes life so much more enjoyable. The quick access to high quality public transit, being able to go to the grocery store or cafe without the need for a car. In my mind, this is “getting more for your money.” Not only does this energy and urban vibrancy make life more enjoyable, it also makes your life more sustainable. Not having to…

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