Tiny Houses: Small Living, Big Impact.


What are Tiny Houses?


The idea of living small has become a movement in the US and several other countries. A combination of desire for eco-friendliness and saving money has enticed brave residents to scale down their lifestyles. Lofted beds, two burner stoves, multi-use furniture, and hidden storage are just a few of the things tiny-houser’s choose.

So How Tiny are They?

According to the US Census Bureau, the Average single family home is 2,169 square feel. That is the average…meaning that there are many larger homes as well. The small house movement began with homes at least half that size. More recently, staff at the Tiny Life tells us that the average tiny house is actually between 100 and 400 square feet.

Get Tiny.

Part of the experience, for some, of living tiny is building their own home. A quick google search will yield hundreds of free blueprints for creating your own small home. But for those of us who aren’t handy with power tools, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has commercialized mobile Tiny Houses. Tumbleweed’s founder, Jay Shafer, has been monumental in popularizing mobile Tiny Houses. One of the largest problems that arises is where to put them – RV parks are not necessary tiny home friendly and zoning laws prevent them from being built more permanently in most places.

Your Part.

Perhaps a tiny house does not entice you for your own living situation. To be honest, my desire to materialistic currently outweighs my desire to do the earth a favor by living small. But I am still a huge proponent and I hope to work with the tiny house movement in my career. Why? Can you think of a better solution for the homeless?

 A separate post on that topic soon but in the mean time check out this blog, http://www.tentcityurbanism.com/ which gives specific directions on how to build an inexpensive, efficient tiny house. Even better, give Andre Heben’s book, Tent City Urbanism, a read.

Or check out this video:

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle


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