Consumers Demand, Food Industry Responds Positively

Great post about stores and restaurants embracing sustainable meat and produce!

The Dietitian's Digest

FullSizeRenderFrom the aging Baby Boomer who wants to make healthier decisions in the second half of their life to the Millennial who eats out a lot and places a high priority on healthy, sustainability and convenience, there is no shortage in demand for healthier food options that taste great. The food industry from beginning to end is responding positively. Change is happening at every stage from the farmer to the manufacturers to grocery stores and even at the drive through window.  Fresh, natural and recognizable ingredients are the buzzwords that cause pocket books to open. Here are a few of the plate improving highlights coming your way.

Target     Target understands that its largest consumer, the Millennia’s are environmentally concerned demanding less packaged and nutritionally savvy demanding less processed. They’re responding by reformatting aisles to include more organic, natural (a yet to be regulated term) and gluten-free. Target plans…

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