Miss me?

I literally do not even remember the last time I posted a blog but my life got crazy, okay? I was living the tail end of college to the fullest which meant no blogging in that time and then I did something really wild… GRADUATED COLLEGE.

It came as somewhat of a surprise to me but I did not handle the whole moving back home situation so well. I pretty much completely lost my footing and gave into being lazy and most disconnected from the world for the last 39 days. But you know what, I think I needed it.

I’m finally getting back to myself this week and that means journeying (see what I did there) back to this URL.

For some reason or another I feel inspired to write more creatively lately so I believe you can look forward to some of that making its way to this site.

I have significantly more free time now so I am hoping that I can develop this blog into something I am really proud of… and hopefully can impress some employers (lets all cross our fingers on that one!)

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle