Why I’m Team Tinder

As someone who has spent a significant amount of time scoping out hotties on “dating” apps, I consider myself qualified to speak on them. Maybe I am supposed to pretend I’m embarrassed of that fact but screw it… it’s 2015 people. Every 22 year old has tinder on their phone and they totally checked out your daughter’s tits last night. (That’s right, your daughter is a tramp… posting cleavage-bearing pictures on tinder, tisk tisk.)

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Let me just say now, I 100% stand behind dating apps. I have met some really cool people that way. I suppose I should also mention that I met my girlfriend on tinder so… there’s that.

I fancy myself a pretty charismatic person and I find myself pretty darn attractive. Still, I find it incredibly hard to meet people face-to-face. I honestly do not believe that is entirely because of me – I blame the generation. This is not news to anyone… we just don’t seem to talk to strangers anymore. Perhaps too many creepy candy toting van jokes when we were younger.

“Well, dating has become a sport and not about finding the person you love.”
– Rashida Jones

I went to a state university where I was fairly involved so, there, I didn’t really struggle to find friends or a love life. Tinder, OkCupid, etc. served as a means of entertainment more than anything else. But last summer I made a big girl decision and packed my bags to go to Minneapolis for an internship.I didn’t know a soul there other than my overscheduled roomates and the four other employees at the nonprofit I was working at. I needed a source so I turned to swiping right for friendship and maybe some smooching. Guess what y’all? It worked… well friendship wise. Didn’t find anyone worthy of these luscious lips, ya know?

Anyway, it was great for me because I found that when I actually got to talking to people, they too were looking for a happy hour pal. I deem MPLS an especially hard city to meet people in but I think the standard probably holds true. It’s rough out here nowadays and you gotta meet your buddies in any way you can.

So swipe on my salacious (good word) sisters! I will be moving shortly and totally plan on redownloading tinder to help make friends there.

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