January Income Report

So I see these all over the blogosphere, successful bloggers bragging about the $3 million they make a month off of their blog. (Yeah, maybe I am exaggerating a teeny bit) I read them and lust over the tales of how they paid off their student loans in less than a year. It does sound amazing, of course I dream of a magical money bag-shaped angel ridding me of more than 100k debt. While my fingers are very much crossed for that event, I have to be real about situation.

The truth is, mama is broke. Yeah. Broke. I have never really had to say those words before and I have to say, it is way easier to admit than I expected it to be. I even successfully curbed my spending cold turkey. I don’t have any magic advice for that one… Basically, I freaked out about how much I need to be paying out each month and then I decided I couldn’t frivolously spend money any more.


I spent a total of $352.58 in January on “unnecessary” expenses. That was way too high (primarily because I didn’t make that no spending rule until a week had already passed) and I won’t be doing that again. What is more scary, though, is that my fixed costs were $1,203.58. WHOA. So… that sucks. I ended the month of January $428.03 in the red which I have decided will be a “fixed cost” for February.

And without further ado, my income for the month of January…


Until Next Time,


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