Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

What’s that? You don’t have a disposable income available to you to drown your date or significant other in expensive gifts? Guess what? Me neither.


Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday because, at least in America, it seems to be all about those gifts and $18 tapas. Sure, fancy champagne and diamonds sound lovely to me too but that definitely is not what February 14th has in store for me. Personally, I am pretty content being at home if I get something more stimulating than watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. So here are a few ideas to make a date night special for $50 or less!


1) Spa Night

Oh yes, lets go ahead and embrace all the 90’s sleepover cheesiness! Spend the night just pampering each other! If you are somehow so stress-free that you have no knots in your back, I hate you a little. Seriously, the nights I can convince my girlfriend to give me a back massage (perferrably for more than 5 minutes) are the best ones. So why not make a whole night of it?!

Perhaps those of you who are not dating a female might have more of a challenge ahead of you with this particular date. But men need pampering too!

My suggestions: Get a bottle of wine (or like 3), some chocolate, fancy popcorn. Then give each other manicures and a nice, long massage. Follow up with a face mask and plenty of cuddles!


2) Dinner and a Movie

Janelle… that’s like the most basic, overdone date idea ever. Well, you’re right. But we are all so darn busy all the time and think, when was the last time you and your beau just focused on each other for a night anyway?

Now, if you are like me, your mate differs in your taste of movies. So I am treating mine to a night where she actually gets to choose! And to save some dough, why not enjoy cooking a meal together?

How are you going to be spending your Cupid’s day? Bonus: These work just as well with “girlfriends” as they do with a girlfriend!


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