Homecoming Weekend as an Alumni

As some of you may know, I am from the Midwest but went to college on Long Island. Graduating was rough (as it is for everyone really) because I had to pack up and move away from everything my life had been for four years. Talk about a bummer! So when I got an email a couple months ago reminding me of “Alumni Weekend” I jumped on the opportunity. A whole weekend with my old buddies? Easy choice.

Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football

So I packed up a very carefully planned carry-on and took a traffic ridden drive to O’Hare. Side note: I literally almost missed the flight – I had to skip to the front of security… which in retrospect was kind of awesome. By 10 am I was hugging my best friend dramatically in the Jamaica Station lobby.

Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football

Thursday was spent cuddled up with Italian take-out and the full Shonda Rhimes evening, “TGIT.” Friday I woke up early and met one of my best male pal’s in Manhattan… which led to a lot of walking, as usual.

Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College FootballStony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College FootballIMG_2117Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football

I was reminded of the beauty of urban planning as I enjoyed an iced coffee with the company of move-able chairs. (if that makes no sense to you, TRUST ME, they are a big deal to people’s happiness for some reason) Then we took a stroll through The High Line  and grabbed some lunch at The Park. I took full advantage of my “vacation” by sharing an entire pitcher of Sangria with my friend (yeah… just the two of us)

Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football Stony Brook University, Homecoming, New York, Long Island, Chicago, Party, Drinking, Football, College Football

Hours later we hopped on the good ole’ Long Island Railroad to get to my digs for the weekend. Back to my old stompin’ grounds! After a couple drinks I threw on my flannel (flannel #1 for the weekend… I really like this being gay thing) and danced the night away. Maybe it was the multiple long island iced tea’s (because I was on Long Island after all) but I actually managed to have a great time listening to house music.

IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2140

Homecoming was exactly what I wanted it to be. A day to hug and small talk with people I suspected I would never see again. It was a great time and well worth the chump change I paid for a flight over.


…But a less than sober trip to my favorite diner was a must.

IMG_2147  IMG_2151

A bittersweet morning goodbye on Monday sent me off to my three-train-journey to JFK. Naturally, Chicago greeted me with blistering cold winds and a reminder of what the Midwest is all about. Though, my lady picking me up with flowers and the quintessential driver-in-the-airport “Janelle March” sign in tow certainly put a smile on my face. Now that all is said and done, I am just fine with my Alumni title now.

Until Next Time,

Tell me Readers,
Did you attend a Homecoming Football Game this year? If you’ve graduated college, do you go back for Alumni weekend?

The Magic, Disappearing Blogger

Did you miss me? Sorry about the week hiatus, guys! I started a big girl job last week and it came as quite the shock to my system. Since graduating in May, I have mostly just invested my time in getting to know the ins and outs of Netflix. Truly, my life was a bit sad but a break from reality was not entirely unappreciated. I am sure you can imagine that having to be up before the sun every single day now is a bit of a lifestyle adjustment.

Anyway, I really do want to keep blogging regularly and I know that to do it all I am going to be losing some sleep but that’s life, right? My overly specific google calendar should help keep me in line and make all of this possible. At the end of the day, I legititmately love writing and I need the creative outlet now that I spend 40+ hours a week in an office.
I’ve planned out the next few weeks of posts for you, so you can have something to look forward to… (humor me here y’all – feign some excitement for me!) 
– Homecoming Weekend as an Alumni
– How I Break all 10 Commandments, Daily
– Developing Jenna Gordon
(This is something I am trying out as far as the “Creative Writing” category is concerned. I want to write some short stories for a while and adventure into fiction writing but reseach tells me that I should develop a character first. Hence, Jenna Gordon. For months I had a “stickie” on my laptop that reads “Create a character by magnifying your own flaws.” I don’t even remember where I heard that but I am finally going to do it. Jenna will be her own person but she will share some nasty traits with me.)
– Bisexual FAQ
– An IOS Upgrade from God
– On My First Time: Going Down on a Lady
(Another series I am hoping to bring to life. Essentially, I will be recapping how my first time with various sexual and relationship milestones went down. Brace yourself, I’m serving a big plate of nitty gritty)
– Review of Canva Graphic Design Software
– Dating a Non Believer
(If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am posting something faith-based every week. Friday’s, specifically. This was actually a pretty bold decision to make in my book because I understand it is going to turn some people off. I know a lot of you are here because I advocate for bisexual visibility and talk about dirty stuff sometimes but I am also a Christian. I believe very strongly that God has given me writing skills and I intend to use them.
Is there anything you want to read about that I haven’t mentioned? Tell me! Your wish is my command.

The Adventures of Threesomes, Cheating, and Cuckold.

Necessary Introduction:
I have always had a vague interest in creative writing but never enough to pursue writing in any serious manner. I know that will completely shock you, a millennial lacking in follow through. I could not handle a life tethered to a keyboard. Blogging is a happy medium – you sort of need a moderate level of socializing to have tales worth clicking on. To satisfy my appetite to be imaginative, I will be contributing to “creative writing” category I’ve created every other Monday’s from here on out. These posts will, generally, be longer than my normal 500 word maximum and will occasionally start with a prompt.

Now on to the story…

Putting down roots back home was not a priority to me. I was perfectly content laying in my bed night after night – managing to lose most of the day to seasons at a time. Emphasis on “content.” I certainly was not unhappy but I cannot say it was the life I expected to be living just a few months after leaving the rubber-padded playground that is college. However, after meeting my blue-eyed beau I have fallen back into the wine soaked evenings I remembered fondly.

While she worked, I agree to attend a time-old Midwestern tradition, a bonfire. The company would be fairly foreign to me but still, I pack a lawn chair and start my car. Within minutes of my arrival the converstation turned political. The opinions of other bleeding hearts made me feel instantly at home. The night was fun. An easy gathering. But as the guests left one-by-one, my night took a turn.

I found myself led through sliding glass doors, through a shabby chic kitchen, and to the doorway of a dimly lit bedroom claiming itself home to a queen sized bed and steel grey walls. Nervously, I listen to compliments and a myriad of requests. Thoughts of fantasies past race through my head. Never one to turn down an opportunity to experiment with my sexuality, I was trapped between right and wrong. It would be wrong to sit on that bed. What came after would feel right.

“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”
– Marilyn Monroe

As the buzz of one too many hoppy beverages blurs my decision making I agree to enter the bedroom. The door closes behind me and the gravity of my situation sinks in. He comes closer to me and reveals how badly he wants to kiss me. To touch me. I resist. A mental check mark flashes through my subconscious. I was denying the pulses from my growing libido and listening to my morality. I knew I should leave but, still, I found myself standing there. When I put on this black leather jacket my intentions were harmless – to be warm. As I am told how flattering and seductive it is I realize the effect it has had.

She wanders into the bathroom of this master suite and I am left with her boyfriend. I bring up any subject in attempt to keep his wandering eyes from getting too ambitious. My thumbs dance across the screen to inform the right girl that she can go to sleep. That I will be staying the night here. My lust was winning the battle – loyalty be damned.

The bathroom door opens and my heart skips a beat. She has ditched the ponytail and blue jeans for something much more… exciting. My gaze explores her dark hair as it meets maroon colored lace. My eyes are captivated by cleavage once hidden under layers of fleece and cotton. Mere inches of fabric protect the truly shocking parts of her body from bursting out. Whatever qualms I had about being here, about agreeing to stay the night in the steel room, they are increasingly difficult to remember.

“Some of the best moments in life are the ones you cannot tell anyone about.”

And then she asks me the question that breaks my stare and snaps me back to my senses. “I want to watch you with him. Will you do that for me?” Cuckold. I was ask to stay behind so that I could have sex with this man while she watched. Was the idea appealing? Sure. But I quickly realized that my attraction was to her and not to the boyfriend whose gaze had gone from flattering to mildly unnerving. The magic was gone as quickly as it began.

My drive home was lacking in the regret I expected to feel from missing out on a sexual “no-no.” One of my largest fears had been conquered and the satisfaction I felt from that outweighed the pleasure of awkward thrusting. I was not a cheater. I was not disloyal at the first appealing opportunity. Being invited into their relationship for a night gave me confidence that I was happy in my own.

Tell me readers, have you ever been tempted by a wildly unexpected opportunity like that? Would you have done it?

Until next time,

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Finding Myself… Again

Social Media Graphic -- finding myself again

I have said this before and I really hope that I don’t have to say it again, but Journey is changing.

I started this blog wanting to have an outlet for my creativity, that has not changed. But finding the pathway has been difficult and, ultimately, led me to repeadetly just stop writing all together. Which is so not the point, right?!

I started writing about anything and everything… and it was dull. Like “Hello, I’m a female and therefore will write about lipstick and high heels” dull. I’m not dissing those girls but I can be so much more interesting than that.

Still, the internet and many “grown-ups” that needed me to have a concrete answer about what my blog was about pressured me into finding a finite niche. I thought I could handle writing purely about sustainability issues because I really do care but I couldn’t be funny. I couldn’t vent about a dreadful experience I had that day. I couldn’t tell my readers how much I really loved a new perfume when I wanted to. And hence, it was not a outlet for my creativity. It was not fun. And I dropped it like a hot potato in ten seconds flat.

Because I really did want to do this, I started doing copious amounts of research on how to develop a blog, find your true niche, etc. That is when I came across the blog business plan. Author of that gold, Regina persuaded me into believing if I completed this plan I would be ready and inspired to work hard. She was so right… 

While I answered the questions she asked me in this phenomenally helpful PDF, I realized that I had been ignoring something very obvious. The things that I bring to the internet that no one else can… the blog that does not already exist… the posts that are not already redundant… ME.  

It is almost embarrassing that it took me nearly nine months of blogging to realize this… the thing I bring to the table is myself.

In general, I am an open book. Go ahead, ask my friends. They will tell you that just about nothing is sacred for me. I am completely willing to talk about any topic… even the down and dirty if you know what I mean.

I guess I had this concept that the internet was a pure place where I could not be that honest but then I think, my favorite content creaters are all painfully honest women. Literally, just them being so upfront about who they are as people makes them great. Granted, they have pretty spectacular personalities in the first place.

So that is my promise to you all. I will be honest. I will show you as many facets of myself as I can possibly put into words. Sometimes it will be sassy, sometimes sad, sometimes sexual. I think it will be good for both of us.

Until next time,

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Miss me?

I literally do not even remember the last time I posted a blog but my life got crazy, okay? I was living the tail end of college to the fullest which meant no blogging in that time and then I did something really wild… GRADUATED COLLEGE.

It came as somewhat of a surprise to me but I did not handle the whole moving back home situation so well. I pretty much completely lost my footing and gave into being lazy and most disconnected from the world for the last 39 days. But you know what, I think I needed it.

I’m finally getting back to myself this week and that means journeying (see what I did there) back to this URL.

For some reason or another I feel inspired to write more creatively lately so I believe you can look forward to some of that making its way to this site.

I have significantly more free time now so I am hoping that I can develop this blog into something I am really proud of… and hopefully can impress some employers (lets all cross our fingers on that one!)

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle

Consumers Demand, Food Industry Responds Positively

Great post about stores and restaurants embracing sustainable meat and produce!

The Dietitian's Digest

FullSizeRenderFrom the aging Baby Boomer who wants to make healthier decisions in the second half of their life to the Millennial who eats out a lot and places a high priority on healthy, sustainability and convenience, there is no shortage in demand for healthier food options that taste great. The food industry from beginning to end is responding positively. Change is happening at every stage from the farmer to the manufacturers to grocery stores and even at the drive through window.  Fresh, natural and recognizable ingredients are the buzzwords that cause pocket books to open. Here are a few of the plate improving highlights coming your way.

Target     Target understands that its largest consumer, the Millennia’s are environmentally concerned demanding less packaged and nutritionally savvy demanding less processed. They’re responding by reformatting aisles to include more organic, natural (a yet to be regulated term) and gluten-free. Target plans…

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Tiny Houses: Small Living, Big Impact.


What are Tiny Houses?


The idea of living small has become a movement in the US and several other countries. A combination of desire for eco-friendliness and saving money has enticed brave residents to scale down their lifestyles. Lofted beds, two burner stoves, multi-use furniture, and hidden storage are just a few of the things tiny-houser’s choose.

So How Tiny are They?

According to the US Census Bureau, the Average single family home is 2,169 square feel. That is the average…meaning that there are many larger homes as well. The small house movement began with homes at least half that size. More recently, staff at the Tiny Life tells us that the average tiny house is actually between 100 and 400 square feet.

Get Tiny.

Part of the experience, for some, of living tiny is building their own home. A quick google search will yield hundreds of free blueprints for creating your own small home. But for those of us who aren’t handy with power tools, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has commercialized mobile Tiny Houses. Tumbleweed’s founder, Jay Shafer, has been monumental in popularizing mobile Tiny Houses. One of the largest problems that arises is where to put them – RV parks are not necessary tiny home friendly and zoning laws prevent them from being built more permanently in most places.

Your Part.

Perhaps a tiny house does not entice you for your own living situation. To be honest, my desire to materialistic currently outweighs my desire to do the earth a favor by living small. But I am still a huge proponent and I hope to work with the tiny house movement in my career. Why? Can you think of a better solution for the homeless?

 A separate post on that topic soon but in the mean time check out this blog, http://www.tentcityurbanism.com/ which gives specific directions on how to build an inexpensive, efficient tiny house. Even better, give Andre Heben’s book, Tent City Urbanism, a read.

Or check out this video:

Until next time,
Journey as Janelle


Eiffel Tower just went to 100 Percent Wind Power!

Electric Car Design Consultants, Green Living Expert, Guru

The Eiffel Toweris without a question an iconic emblem of love, romance and Paris’ most contested monumental structure.

Bottom line: Everyone who’s anyone knows what it is!!

Now the best part is you can also add that it’s a renewable energy site!!!


Yes! You’ve heard it here!

According to my friends over at Intelligent Building Today, US-based onsite renewables specialist Urban Green Energy (UGE) announced this week that it has fitted two vertical axis wind turbinesat the site, capable of delivering 10,000kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the power used by the commercial areas on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor.

Source: Intelligent Building Today
Plus for the entire story..

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Guest Post: The Benefits of Urban Living: How Cities are the Key to Reducing Car Use

Great introduction to the environmental benefits of well-planned cities!

SF Transit News

The common notion that people use to justify living in the suburbs is that you “get more for your money.” When looking at easily quantifiable things such as square footage, parking, a garage, and a backyard this may be true. What you pay for in the city is not any of these material things, what you pay for is the vibrancy, energy, and activity. The sidewalks, outdoor dining, and cafes are your living room. The parks, parklets, and green-spaces are your backyard. Living in a urban walkable neighborhood makes life so much more enjoyable. The quick access to high quality public transit, being able to go to the grocery store or cafe without the need for a car. In my mind, this is “getting more for your money.” Not only does this energy and urban vibrancy make life more enjoyable, it also makes your life more sustainable. Not having to…

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